More About GA Health & Hygiene

Vision Statement
In view of our ambition and intent to “Changing the Industry Dynamics” GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD, vision is to firmly establish ourselves within the market and further franchise the brand. This will enable us to keep and monitor, the quality, service and standards to the end user. The intention is to franchise to women cooperatives, which will also enhance our Corporate Social Responsibility. GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD, does not intend to fit into the market, but to create a new trend in the market.

Mission Statement
GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD is committed to taking a holistic approach to Cleaning. Our mission is to provide the customer with the best quality services, knowing that we are accountable for our business, your business and our environment.

Integrity – building lasting relationships
Authenticity – all contracts will be tailored to the customer
Responsibility – taking responsibility for all stakeholders
Accountability – holding ourselves accountable for all work that is undertaken

Business Goals & Objectives
GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD, Specific goals that we would like to achieve:

Growth Strategy
Demand for cleaning services tends to rise and fall in harmony with economic trends in the wider market. Cleaning Services activity is largely dictated by public spending and corporate health in general. The economic recession, therefore, took its toll on the industry as private and commercial customers sought to cut costs. Overall revenue generated by players in the Cleaning Services Industry has fallen due to contract renegotiations brought about by the economic recession. Though the crisis has certainly affected the industry’s short term growth prospects, it is set to recover in tandem with the wider market.
The informal sector is made up of enterprises that are either registered as companies but do not comply with the government requirements or companies that are not registered at all. For example once a person has a cleaning machine they can start advertising themselves as a cleaning company (carpet cleaner, window cleaner and even garden maintenance service. The informal sector is a challenge within the industry when it comes to training, especially for the specialized skills like working at heights, as these impacts on safety, performance and the overall image of such services.

Maintaining and building upon its existing customer relationships are a top priority at GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD. We believe this is achieved by being completely open with customers and constantly keeping them in the loop with current developments and progress. This is particularly apparent within the hygiene sector of the business where scheduled services were provided. The cleaning industry is not regulated and it is therefore difficult to extrapolate market data and information as to the size of the industry. However, the National Contract Cleaners Association is an association and there is no mandate that forces players to subscribe to them. Companies like Prestige, Steiner and Fidelity under the banner of Bidvest, Supercare and Neledzi are major players with broad expertise and experience in the cleaning industry.

GA HEALTH & HYGIENE (PTY) LTD is in the market at an entry baseline level, using its current consumer base on the consumables to leverage their entry into the Cleaning Services Industry, with recognized membership to the National Contract Cleaners Association.

Our Skills

We offer effective yet safe solutions to enhance healthy living and ensure a hygienic corporate environment in the commercial, industrial, hospitality and education fields in South Africa.

100 Complete (danger)
Paper Consumables100%
100 Complete (danger)
Brushware 100%
100 Complete (danger)
Cleaning Consumables 100%
100 Complete (danger)
Packaging 100%
100 Complete (danger)
Pest Control100%
100 Complete (danger)
Deep Cleaning100%
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