Facial Tissue
Kitchen Towels
Hand Towels
Jumbo Garage Rolls
Hand Towels
Folded and Rolled Towel Dispensers
Toilet Roll Holders
TR2, TR3, TR5 & Deca
Soap Dispensers
Top up and Cartridge
Wall Bins
Air Fresheners
Sanitary Bag Dispensers
HACCP Micro fibre Cloths
Brooms and Mops
Machines and Scrubs
Clemens Adult Slips
Clemens Adult Pull Up
Clemens Mini/Midi/Maxi Pads
Clemens Feminine Beige Pull Ups
Clemens Linen Savers
Household Broom
Platform and Deck Broom
Superior and Synthetic Corn Broom
Truck Wash Broom
Body, Shoe and Scrubbing Brush
Dustpan and Brush
Plastic Rake